Ghana - Accra, Cape Coast, Kakum National Park  

I recently travelled with a work colleague from South-Africa to Ghana for work responcibilities. We stayed in the city of Accra, which is a bee-hive of activity, where almost every person there is either a street vendor or has a small business, selling almost anything, whether it is coal, dresses, woodwork or cellphone airtime. There were almost always Hooded Vulures to be seen in the hot, humid skies above Accra. Pied Crows were also very common here, but some of them did not quite look the same as the ones from South Africa that I am so used to. Some of them did not have the usual white breasts, but rather a dirty ashy coloured breast. I am not sure if these crows are a hibrid form of the Pied Crow. My work colleagues from Ghana went out of their way to treat us over the weekend and took us on a boat trip on the Volta Lake to Dodi Island. The Volta lake is the second largest man made lake in the world and we had a nice relaxing day on the boat with load music and dance and food. I was really looking forward to the next day's activities. The next day they took us to the Kakum National Park. Unfortunately we were off to a very late start from the hotel, which left us with just enough time to take a quick guided tour through the Kakum Forest, with its breath taking canopy walkways. To see all the birds of this forest an early morning start is essensial, but I was not that fortunate and even though I stayed as long as possible on the canopy walkways I did not see a lot of movement and when I did see movement I was in the middle of one of the walkways. I tried taking photos from these walkways, but it is as difficult as taking photos from a swing, while standing upright and holding onto the rope, while taking photos. The only difference is that you have to deal with low lighting conditions as well that left me with some very blurred photos. We then went to the Cape Coast Castle for a guided tour, before returning back to Accra quite late the evening. Hopefully there will be a next time somewhere in the future with more time for birding. I was very glad to see at least one of the forest canopy bird spesies. I enjoyed the country, but was very glad to be back in SA.


Northern Greyheaded Sparrow Woodland Kingfisher Laughing Dove
Bronze Manikan ?Village Weaver? Pied Crow
Nigeria Swallow Spinetale Swift ?Spinetale Swift?
Hooded Vulture Hooded Vulture Hooded Vulture

Yellow Mantled Weaver Pied Crow Black Tern